10 Jul 2014

top 5 DIY blogs to get you in the crafty mood

DIY is not just a trend or a industry trigger word for us - it's a lifestyle.
when our hands aren't sticky and covered in sawdust, we're scouring the web for our next project. 
here are some of our fave DIY blogs to get inspired. 


don't feel like buying all the tools, glues and paints needed for your DIY project... we got you covered!

come to hastudia to get-it-done! we have what you need and the crafty vibe to go with it

1. paper n stitch
DIY Geometric Faux Metal Planters

2. almost makes perfect

DIY leather handled cutting board

3. homemade modern

DIY bucket stool

4. a beautiful mess

DIY nesting hand stamped cloth napkins

5. vintage revivals

DIY wall art

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