5 Jan 2015

we've moved!

hey diy-ers we've moved to a new home! come check out our new digs here...

1 Jan 2015

january workshops // ft. TOM REZNIKOV

every month, we showcase an artist, designer, diy-er or crafter on our workshop calendar. this january, we welcome, tom reznikov, along with 2015. 
we took snippets of her work to jazz up the calendar, but we also want you to see her work as she intended. 

featured artist : tom reznikov 
craft : artist + graphic designer
favorite tool : rapidograph 0.2 

10 Dec 2014

monthly member minute // MARGARITA ROSENBERG

name: margarita rosenberg
age: 25
profession: comic illustrator 

<<< share a minute with margarita >>>

where are you from?
> originally russia, now jaffa 

how did you hear of hastudia?
> i live nearby, whenever i passed by hastudia i would drop in. i liked the atmosphere of the place and checked its website to take a look at what's going on there. when it became clear that working at home is simply not as productive as it can be, i decided to join the happy creative family. at the same time my story, that i planned to turn into a comic book was ready and there was absolutely no reason not to start working on it. so now I am in the creative process of turning the story into comic strips. 

what do you do?
> illustration 

are you an introvert or an extrovert?
> my entire life i considered myself to be an extrovert, but now that i think about it, i actually think i'm an introvert. 

what's your favorite tool?
> anything that allows me to draw brave black lines, like liner, for example. 

anything else?
> check out some of my work :)

- my self-published statement- magazine where I ponder the red color

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7 Dec 2014

SUPPORT // innovation africa

meet : innovation africa, a non-profit organization that brings Israeli innovation to african villages. since 2008 they have provided light, clean water, food and proper medial care to more that 675 000 people in ethiopia, tanzania, malawi, uganada, south africa and the democratic republic of congo. 

we want to see that number reach 1 million! so, this hannukah season, we will be selling hannukah candles to help innovation africa keep doing what they are doing. 

be the light and help those across the world without the dreidels and sufganiot enjoy access to clean water and nutritious food.  

// hannukah candles for innovation:africa NOW ON SALE at hastudia //

30 Nov 2014

DECEMBER // textile month

winter is upon us, so for entire month of December hastudia is dedicating its workshops and workspace to TEXTILES

we've got you covered (pun intended) with a roster of workshops that will keep you both warm and trendy , and prepared fun DIY projects you can come make at our workspace. come cuddle with us over a cup of tea and some fun crafty activities! 


24 Nov 2014


meet : 

"a team of passionate architects and creative minds who strongly believe they can change the way we use spaces. they bring together creative people owning unique spaces with people who are looking to create event experiences such as meetings, workshops, parties, exhibitions and pop-up stores" says their website. 

we are stoked to be featured on their roster of funky spaces available to rent for your next event. AND more than happy to give a fellow israeli start up some hype and love. 

<>>><<<><>>> discover & book unique event spaces with splacer HERE <<<><>>><<<><>>>

14 Nov 2014

DIY // last minute gift ideas

whatever stage you're in, in life, gift giving remains a constant. whether it's a birthday, a get-well-soon or a happy new job present, at some point, we all find ourselves scrambling to find a thoughtful gift. 

what better way to show off your thoughtfulness by actually making the gift yourself! 
it will probably end up being cheaper, more rewarding and better received. 

so hours before the stores close in tel-aviv for shabbat, we've spoon fed you a few last minute gift ideas. you may just find everything you need for these projects in your house.  

and if you don't want to get your house all messy, come to hastudia we have tons of fun tools and supplies to get your started. 


1. herbal bath teas 

2. leather sling planter

4. eco-wrapping ideas

OR, if you are 1 step ahead and have the present, try scrounging your house and garden for these eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

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2 Nov 2014

NOVEMBER // wood month

yes, we pride ourselves on being a multi-disciplinary workshop, yet sometimes it's fun to play favorites :) so for the month of november, we've decided to put an extra oomph on the topic of WOOD :  that durable, versatile, cost effective, natural and let's not forget beautiful raw material that we just love. 
we can go on and on about how satisfying and fun woodworking is, but instead we invite you to join us in one of our introductory wood classes or pick up a few more carpentry skills in one of our upcoming wood courses. 

and for those that looking to get their hands dirty with other materials, we took care of you too!

check out our monthly workshops and courses - there's something for everyone. 


oh and did you know -  the production and processing of wood uses much less energy than most other building materials, giving wood products a significantly lower carbon footprint? cool right?!

14 Oct 2014

OCTOBER // urban month

as tel aviv is on its way to become a concrete jungle, we at hastudia are trying to do our best to clean up the city's junk and infuse it with love and color.

so next time you're about to throw out that broken chair or pass by a strewn pallet on the street, think of us :) we'll help you fix it up or turn it into your next masterpiece. 

BOOK A DIY TABLE    //    or    //    JOIN A WORKSHOP 

1 Sept 2014

SEPTEMBER // schooled month

"experience is simply another name we give our mistakes" - oscar wilde

... and the truth is, DIY is no different. 

for those that have dabbled in DIY-ing, you know that even though it doesn't always pan out the way we want, laughing at ourselves is half the fun!

so this month, we're all about embracing the lessons, trying new things and pushing ourselves into new territory. 

come learn from our 'experience' with our roster of workshops that are sure to get you SCHOOLED!

questions? ask info@hastudia.co.il

27 Aug 2014

KUCHINATE // African Refugee Women's Collective

today we went on a studio visit to KUCHINATE - a collective of african asylum-seeking women living in tel aviv, israel. the collective provides this disadvantaged group of women with a creative outlet and financial sustainability through the production of environmentally friendly, beautifully designed products.

with a sustainable mission like that - we jumped on board fast! 

 <<<<><<<<><<<<><<<<> support KUCHINATE // SHOP at hastudia <>>>><>>>><>>>><>>>>

//   stay tuned for a collaboration in the works   //