13 Jul 2014

monthly member minute // LEV KEGELES

Name: Lev Kegeles
Age: 27
Profession: Woodworker 

we get to hang out with Lev plenty since he started working at hastudia months ago. we are constantly oooo-ing and ahhh-ing at his work and thought it was about time to show it off. 

<<< share a minute with Lev >>>

where you from?
> russia

how did you hear of hastudia?
>  when I got my first job in israel, I started looking for studio to work at. my wife and I often walked past hastudia on our daily walks. one day, we finally looked in and asked what was happening there. 
so that's how I met with Emma and Ellie, and learned that there is a perfect place for me to work at in our neighborhood. and it's really awesome. super cozy place, super creative atmosphere, friendly and ready to help each other people.

what do you do?
I started working with wood by manufacturing of cutting boards, spoons and other things for the kitchen. Also I started making some furniture for myself for our new apartment. I recently started taking orders and making furniture and decor for my friends and then friends of friends.

are you an introvert or extrovert?
> extrovert...for sure

whats your favortie tool?
> changes every week depending on the project i'm working on. this week, it's the dremel

CHECK OUT LEV'S GOODIES ON HIS NEW SITE: http://www.wooden-heart.com/


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