1 Apr 2014

Top 5 DIY apps

loving to craft also means loving new easy techy tools that help make our crafty lives easier. we've complied a list of our favorite new and old crafty apps for the week :

price : .99 cents
description : is a revolutionary 3D measuring tool that can be used to measure distances in any space. no need to walk around with a measuring tape anymore!

iHandy Level
price : FREE
description : carry a level with you wherever you go for DIY-ing needs

wiki how
price : FREE
description : gain access to over 150 000 how-to-guides and step-by-step instructions for pretty much anything you can think of

price : $9.99
description : gain access to Pantone’s color libraries from you mobile. the app can identify colors from pictures and matches them to their shades, suggests trendy color combinations and allows email sharing to get your friends involved

price : $1.99
description : peruse over 30 000 craft ideas neatly catalogued into themes and categorized