24 Apr 2014

monthly member minute // HANNA THOMAS

Name: Hanna Thomas
Age: 30
Profession: SumOfUs, Senior Campaigner

Hanna will forever be known as our first monthly member – that’s a huge deal for first time business owners :)

Turns out Hanna loves hanging around just as much as we like her around. 

We got this shiver-worthy note from her that was too cute not to share:

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I was so pleased to find Hastudia -- a little oasis of DIY, friendly faces, upcycled thingamabobs, and a desk and chair for me to sit on (very important) in the heart of Noga. I am a Senior Campaigner for SumOfUs.org, an online movement of over 4 million people that seeks to counterbalance the growing power of large corporations. I spend my days writing campaign emails and skyping with colleagues around the world, who are based in New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, London, Paris, Berlin, and Bogota! Together, we recently got Kellogg's to source deforestation-free palm oil; made Rio Tinto to drop its shares in a mining project that threatened to destroy the world's last sockeye salmon run in Alaska; and we are fighting to stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, which would give corporations unprecedented powers. It's amazing to work in a virtual, worldwide organisation like this, but it's important for me too to have inspirational surroundings and to talk to people in, like, real life. That's why it was so nice to find Hastudia. They let me sit in a corner and work at my laptop, even though it's not strictly in line with all the other artistic happenings going on around me. But it suits me super well, as I am very into the DIY ethos and love to make clothes, bunting, and decorations at home, and definitely share Hastudia's values of treading on the earth lightly and upcycling and crafting all that we can. And when the industrial sanding and friendly commotion all gets too much, I just potter on home. Ellie and Emma are truly inspirational gals to be around every day -- kicking ass at running their own business and generally spreading the love around (in a good way), and they have very great taste in music. What can I say? I enjoy chair dancing in a craft studio whilst plotting how to hold corporations to account. 

Thanks Emma and Ellie for having me around, 

Love, Your first monthly member x