14 Nov 2014

DIY // last minute gift ideas

whatever stage you're in, in life, gift giving remains a constant. whether it's a birthday, a get-well-soon or a happy new job present, at some point, we all find ourselves scrambling to find a thoughtful gift. 

what better way to show off your thoughtfulness by actually making the gift yourself! 
it will probably end up being cheaper, more rewarding and better received. 

so hours before the stores close in tel-aviv for shabbat, we've spoon fed you a few last minute gift ideas. you may just find everything you need for these projects in your house.  

and if you don't want to get your house all messy, come to hastudia we have tons of fun tools and supplies to get your started. 


1. herbal bath teas 

2. leather sling planter

4. eco-wrapping ideas

OR, if you are 1 step ahead and have the present, try scrounging your house and garden for these eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas.

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