24 Aug 2014

// SNEAK PEAK // video shoot

this past saturday, we rallied our community - local makers, customers, workers and friends - to join us in making hastudia's first promo video. 

what better way to end a hard days work with a deliciously sponsored dinner party by the local restaurants the feed us on the reg.

so a big THANKS to these folk who generously filled our dinner table with goodies >

Gemma : for the pizza
Albert : for the salads and juice
Knaffe : for the desserts 
Imaginarium Collective : for hosting 

-----------     CREW SHOUT OUT TO     -----------

<>  mat  <>  caroline  <>  OD  <>  ofer  <>  shane  <>  eve  <>  

 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    on video  :  ella leshman    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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