12 Aug 2014

crushing on TLV Birdie // simple living blog

it's no coincidence that we're crushing on Olya - she's crafty , she's a jet-setter, and she's into leading an earthy lifestyle - keep-on-doing-what-you're-doing SISTA!

after months of scrolling through her blog we decided it was time to get a little deeper - here's what happened : 

H: what's your pitch //
O: a gypsy soul, born in siberia, that spent few years in tel-aviv and recently settled down in los angeles with my husband. unconscious consumer in the past, downshifter at the moment. learning to live simple: through nature, craft - less stuff but better stuff. i am running  an eco-friendly lifestyle blog, TLV Birdie, where all my creations and experiences are shared. 

H: how does your street personality compare to your online personality //
O: i am pretty much neutral, both offline and online. i don’t pretend to be someone i am not. though sometimes online is easier for me, for example, for networking. i am such a shy-babe.

H: current favorite material and craft tool // 
O: craft paper and embroidery floss, indeed.

H: spirit animal // 
O: thunderbird, yo. as you probably noticed, i got this light affinity to birds of all kinds, but visually thunderbird rules.

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