16 Jan 2014

DIY project of the day // with TINMAN //

we clearly love DIY-ing but sometimes it's fun to DI - Together. 

for today's DIY project, we collaborated with ronen wasserman or tinman. ronen is an artist, an environmentalist, an engineer and car fanatic. he scours junkyards and turns auto parts into functional, sleekly designed furniture. 

this time, he welded brakes and spare car parts together to make the base for our stool. 


what you'll need:

- bucket
- concrete
- sand
- water
- 2 pieces of wood
- mixer
- sand paper
- concrete sealer
- oil

  • make sure the bucket is clean and dry
  • wipe a little bit of oil on the bottom and sides as you would when you bake
  • mix the cement, sand and water (ratio : 1:3 and only add water in small increments to create the consistency of cookie dough) 
  • mix the concrete thoroughly to ensure there are no lumps 
  • place the base in the bucket, upside down on the planks of wood. the wood stabilizes the base and ensures it does not touch the top o the seat
  • after 24 hours remove the stool  * trick // pull the sides of the bucket in opposition to loosen the stool
  • brush concrete sealer on the stool, let it rest and have a seat! 

into this? we have the base ready, you just need to come in make the seat!

buy it: 475 ₪ 
make it: 250 & = 75 day fee at hastudia + 175  for the base