27 Sep 2013

this week at hastudia // photography month *

learn the ins and outs of natural dyeing //  intro to natural dyeing workshop // 29.9 at 19:00 

more info: http://goo.gl/112Wmw

warm up to photography month by learning how to use and combine various artistic mediums into your own handmade piece of art (on upcycled wood) //  mixed media workshop //1.10 at 19:00

learn more: http://goo.gl/p4gpbl

the first of a series of our * SHOOT * PRINT * CRAFT * workshops, a special collaboration between hastudia and square Island // this time, create your own gorgeous decorated frame for all of your instagrams // DIY frame making workshop 2.10 at 19:00 

save a seat: http://goo.gl/z6YGHy

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