7 May 2013

DIY: book planter

// upcycle old books into decorative planters 

what you'll need:

old book
 1-4 small succulents or cacti
a few rocks 
ground cover (optional)
 exacto knife
a plastic bag (we used an old ziplock bag) 
glue stick
masking tape

.                                                                                                                                                   .

outline shape
flip open the book to the first page (it's best to cut the title page last as you can better fit it to the hole you've created). 

choose a shape for the hole (square, rectangle, triangle...) using ruler, outline your shape on the first page.

* leave a minimum of 3 cm on each side

start cutting
use the exacto knife guided by the ruler to cut along your outline, cutting a bunch of pages at a time.

* this will be the most time consuming part of the project (turn on some sweet tunes)

remove cut pages 
pull out the cut pages and keep going until you have reached at least 1.5 inches/4 cm deep.

* don’t worry if there are little tears in the pages, it’ll be covered up by soil 

glue the hole
glue all sides of the hole with a glue stick.
adhere plastic bag 
line the hole and sides with a plastic bag. 

* this is to protect the book from getting wet when watering your plant 
secure bag with tape 
cut the over hanging plastic bag and secure it down with masking tape.

* at this point you can cut the hole in the cover page using the exacto knife

create drainage layer
place a layer of rocks at the bottom of the hole for drainage.

get creative and plant a variety of succulents and/or cacti. 

you will need to fill the empty space surrounding the plant with a bit of soil. 

*make sure to pack it tightly to ensure the plants stand upright

* you can add decorative rocks or moss once your succulents are planted to protect the soil from strong sun exposure

* drip a little water or spray water onto the soil once a week. Succulents need very little water but require a TON of sunlight. If you are keeping them indoors, make sure they are by a window or put them outside as much as possible. 


thanks crew!
model: robin schulman 
location: the little prince cafe
book donation: shpagat